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Archived News

November 21, 2017: Vespers Daily Prokeimena (Valaam Chant, in Finnish).
November 17, 2017:
Great Prokeimenon: The Lord Reigns (Valaam Chant, for mixed choir, in Finnish and Slavonic).
November 14, 2017:
Great Prokeimenon: The Lord Reigns (Valaam Chant, for male choir, in Finnish and Slavonic).
September 22, 2017:
Hieromonk Viktorin: Miscellaneous Works for Three-part Male Choir; Miscellaneous Works for Mixed Choir (in Slavonic, look at chant books).
September 18, 2017:
A Mercy of Peace "Serbian" (for mixed choir, in Slavonic).
September 16, 2017:
Cherubic Hymn (Valaam Chant, versions for male and mixed choirs, in Finnish); A Mercy of Peace (Valaam Chant, versions for male and mixed choirs, in Finnish); A Mercy of Peace "Serbian" (for mixed choir, in Finnish).
September 5, 2017:
Cherubic Hymn (Solovetsky "another" Chant, versions for male and mixed choirs, in Slavonic); A Mercy of Peace "Serbian" (for male choir, versions in Slavonic and Finnish).
September 2, 2017:
Cherubic Hymn "Pechengian" (for male choir, in Slavonic).
July 21, 2017: Antiphons of Transfiguration (Valaam Chant, in Slavonic).
June 13, 2017:
Valaam Obikhod in Four Parts: Hymns of the Divine Liturgy (a chant book in Slavonic for male choir, published by the Valaam Monastery, 2017); The Angel Cried (Valaam Chant, in Slavonic, arr. by Shidlovskij).
April 3, 2017:
When not to chant the hymns of the temple commemoration in Divine Liturgy after the small entrance (in Finnish).
March 10, 2017: Service texts in Finnish to Holy Martyr Alexandra the Empress (23 April); Exapostilarion to St. Alexandra (Greek Chant, in Finnish).
February 15, 2017:
Supplicatory Canon to the Theotokos by Emperor Theodore I Laskaris (in Finnish, see Writings and other materials), Exapostilarion of Nativity (Greek Chant, in Finnish).
November 11, 2016: Of Thy Mystical Supper; Exapostilarion on Dormition (Greek Chant); Prokeimenon of Wedding (all in Finnish).
November 5, 2016:
Penie bozhestvennoj liturgii Zlatoustago pridvornoe prostoe / Пение божественной литургии Златоустаго придворное простое (1805).
November 4, 2016:
Valaam chants for stichera (see Transcriptions).
July 2, 2016: Exapostilaria for 15 festal occasions (versions for mixed and male choirs, Greek Chant, in Slavonic), two versions of the Ukrainian “Patriarsheye” Many Years (for male choir, in Finnish).
May 1, 2016:
Христос воскресе! Christ is risen! Kristus nousi kuolleista! Hristos nouzi kuolielois!
April 25, 2016:
Heirmologion in Church Slavonic and Finnish (see Books and articles).
April 20, 2016:
Paschal Stichera (for mixed choir, Valaam Chant, in Slavonic).
March 7, 2016:
Paschal Stichera (for mixed choir, Valaam Chant, in Finnish).
December 30, 2015: Revealing to Thee the Pre-eternal Council (by Chesnokov, in Finnish), Paschal Stichera (for male choir, Valaam Chant, in Finnish), Sticheron of Litia on Transfiguration (Valaam Chant, in Finnish, revised and added version for male choir).
June 17, 2015:
Cherubic hymn "Jesuit" (in Slavonic).
May 5, 2015:
Paschal Stichera (for male choir, Valaam Chant, in Slavonic).
April 18, 2015: Finnish versions of Bakhmetev’s Of Thy Mystical Supper and the cantata by Mirolybov. Both of these were in progress for several years and are now finally completed!
March 14, 2015: Psalm 33 (34) by A. Shishkin (in Finnish).
February 17, 2015:
A few small typos fixed in Gradual Antiphons (Slavonic versions, tones 1–5, 8), other minor enhancements.
February 14, 2015: UCS8 keyboard layout for Microsoft Windows operating systems, for easy entry of Slavonic texts with UCS encoded fonts (see Writings and other materials).
December 19, 2014: Vouchsafe, O Lord (Kiev-Pechersk Lavra Chant, in Finnish, versions for mixed and male choir).
August 8, 2014: Stichera attributed to Tsar Ivan the Terrible (see Transcriptions).
July 31, 2014:
Oktaj i azbuka cerkovnago znamennago penija (by L. Kalashnikov, see Chant books).
July 28, 2014:
Voznesenskij: O cerkovnom penii pravoslavnoj greko-rossijskoj cerkvi. Bol'shoj i malyj znamennyj rospev. Vols. 1 and 2.
June 13, 2014:
Irmologion of 1700 (Lviv); Obikhod of Solovetsky Monastery; Heirmologion of Solovetsky Monastery (see Chant books); Gradual Antiphons (all, Znamenny Chant, harmonized and arr. in Slavonic and Finnish, versions for mixed and male choir, see Church music in Slavonic and Church music in Finnish).
June 3, 2014:
Preobrazhenskij: Kratkij ocherk istorii cerkovnаgo penija v Rossii (RMG 1907).
April 23, 2014:
Paschal troparion (in Finnish, suitable for processions).
March 30, 2014:
Alleluia by F. Stepanov (in Slavonic and Finnish).
March 16, 2014:
Heirmoi of the Theotokos Kanon “I Shall Open My Mouth” (Valaam Chant, in Finnish, a version for male choir and two versions for mixed choir), Most Glorious Saints (doxasticon of litia on the Commemoration of All Saints of North America, in English).
March 6, 2014:
A Mercy of Peace (for the Divine Liturgy of St. Basil the Great, Kievan Chant, arr. Jopi Harri, in Slavonic and Finnish).
January 14, 2014:
Resurrectional Orthros Prokeimena (Valaam Chant, in Finnish).
December 30, 2013: Revised version of Magnificat (Valaam Chant, in Finnish).
December 9, 2013:
Agni Parthene by St. Nectarios of Aegina, arr. in four parts by Jopi Harri (in Greek, see Non-liturgical music); Bless the Lord, O My Soul (Greek Chant, in Finnish).
July 17, 2012:
Obikhod of St. Petersburg Imperial Court Chapel (“Bakhmetev Obikhod,” 1869), vol. 2.
June 14, 2012:
Obikhod of St. Petersburg Imperial Court Chapel (“Bakhmetev Obikhod,” 1869), vol. 1 (vol. 2 will be made available in due course).
April 15, 2012:
Cherubic Hymn (Greek Chant, simplified, in Slavonic); Paschal Koinonikon (Znamenny Chant, in Finnish).
April 15, 2012: Христос воскресе! Christ is risen! Kristus nousi kuolleista! Hristos nouzi kuolielois!
March 21, 2012:
The Paschal Kanon with troparia (Common Chant, in Finnish).
March 10, 2012:
O Thou Who Coverest Thyself with Light (Turchaninov, in Finnish).
February 18, 2012:
Sborniki of Astrakhan and Nizhny Novgorod Dioceses (see Chant books); Jopi Harri: St. Petersburg Court Chant and the Tradition of Eastern Slavic Church Singing (see Books and articles); Jopi Harri: Divine Liturgy (in Finnish, available again); Cherubic Hymn (Leonid Malashkin, in Finnish); Cherubic Hymn ("Vidja razbojnik", in Slavonic, arr. Jopi Harri).
May 17, 2011:
Paschal Exaposteilarion (in Finnish).
March 4, 2010:
Pavel Aleppskij: Puteshestvie Antiohijskago patriarha Makarija v Rossiju v polovine XVII veka, vyp. 2; V. Metallov: Bogosluzhebnoe penie Russkoj cerkvi v period domongol'skij.
December 29, 2009:
Sokrashchennyj obihod notnago penija (1809).
December 11, 2009:
Istorija ruskogo cerkovnogo penija by P. Bazhanskij; a few hymns and settings in Slavonic and Finnish.
August 13, 2009:
Common Chant Liturgy (in Slavonic).
July 4, 2009:
The Lord's Prayer by Mozart (in Slavonic).
May 23, 2009:
Stichera idiomela, transcribed from the Octoechos by L. F. Kalashnikov.
April 23, 2009:
Christ Is Risen (anonymous, in Slavonic).
April 22, 2009:
Receive the Body of Christ (in Finnish and Slavonic, for soprano and mixed choir); Come, Let Us Bless Joseph (Bortnjanskij, in Finnish).
January 7, 2009:
From the Rising of the Sun & Your Soul Shall Rejoice (in Finnish).
November 30, 2008:
Stichera idiomela (Znamenny Chant) – see Transcriptions. Polyeleos Psalm (Valaam Chant, in Finnish).
August 18, 2008:
Additions amongst sections Chant books, Books and articles, and Church music in Finnish.
July 22, 2008:
Valaam Psalm Tones (Finnish) updated. Please discard the old versions!
July 18, 2008:
Obihod cerkovnyj notnago penija raznyh rospevov (1860; Synodal chantbook, 280 folios).
July 7, 2008:
Megalynarion (Velichanie) to Ss. Sergius and Herman of Valaam (Valaam Chant, in Slavonic).
March 24, 2008:
Come Ye and Receive Light from the Unwaning Light (Paschal Concerto, in Slavonic) by Jopi Harri; a setting of the Paschal Troparion (in English); Valamo, saari ihmehinen (a setting of the traditional Pilgrims' Song of Valaam, in Finnish).
March 17, 2008:
Õigeusu kiriku põhiviiside noodiraamat (an anthology of the basic chants of the Orthodox Church, in Estonian).
March 7, 2008:
Sävelmäjaksojemme rakenteesta (a booklet on the Common Chant Tones used in the Finnish Church) by Fr. Aleksanteri Kasanko (in Finnish).
December 16, 2007:
The Divine Liturgy, composed and arranged by Jopi Harri (in Finnish). Temporarily unavailable.
September 30, 2007:
Cherubic Hymn (Valaam Chant, look at Chant books).
September 28, 2007:
Resurrectional Troparia "Today Salvation Has Come" & "Thou Didst Rise", Court/Znamenny Chant (in Finnish).
August 25, 2007:
Kratkij uchebnik garmonii by Petr Tchaikovskij.
March 28, 2007:
As Many of You as Have Been Baptised (in Slavonic & Finnish).
February 25, 2007:
Heirmoi of the Paschal Kanon (in Slavonic).
January 29, 2007:
Heirmoi of the Great Kanon (in Finnish).
January 17, 2007:
Two Valaam automela / prosomoia (in Slavonic).
January 11, 2007: Additions amongst books and articles to be made good use of.
December 30, 2006:
Layout enhancements – now also some Midi files (more to come in due course); From My Youth by Jopi Harri (in Finnish, perhaps later in other languages).
December 18, 2006: New titles in the chantbook/book sections.
December 10, 2006:
Four works by Nikolaj Bahmetev (in Slavonic).
November 4, 2006:
O House of Ephratha (Valaam Chant, in Slavonic & Finnish).
August 10, 2006:
Sticheron of Lity on Transfiguration (Valaam Chant, in Finnish).
August 9, 2006:
It Is Truly Meet (Valaam Chant, in Finnish).
July 2, 2006:
Magnificat (Valaam Chant, in Finnish).
June 4, 2006:
Three works by Peter Mirolybov (1918–2004) in Finnish, Slavonic and Russian.
May 29, 2006:
Music in English by James Chater.
March 3, 2006:
Website opened.


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