Eastern Church Music Resources
Ресурсы восточного церковного пения • Idän kirkon musiikkiresursseja

Materials related to Orthodox church singing: sheet music, research articles, books.
Mатериалы, связанные с православным церковным пением: ноты, статьи, книги.
Ortodoksisen kirkkomusiikin lähdeaineistoja: nuotteja, artikkeleita, kirjoja.

Collected by / Составил / Kerännyt Jopi Harri.

Chant books

Scanned/photographed church music publications.
Сканированные церковно-певческие издания.
Skannattuja/valokuvattuja kirkkomusiikkijulkaisuja.

Transcriptions Transcribed chant materials.
Транскрибированные певческие материалы.
Books and articles

Scanned/photographed books and articles on church music and related matters.
Сканированные книги и статьи по церковной музыке и связанным предметам.
Skannattuja/valokuvattuja kirjoja ja artikkeleita kirkkomusiikista ja siihen liittyvistä aiheista.

Writings and other materials Miscellaneous writings and other materials of interest.
Разнообразные письменные материалы.
Erilaisia kirjallisia aineistoja.

Church music
in Finnish

Liturgical compositions and chant settings in Finnish.
Церковно-певческие сочинения и переложения на финском языке.
Kirkkomusiikkisävellyksiä ja -sovituksia suomeksi.

Kirkkomusiikkisävellyksiä ja -sovituksia suomeksi (suomenkielinen sivu)

Church music
in Slavonic

Liturgical compositions and chant settings in Church Slavonic.
Церковно-певческие сочинения и переложения на церковно-славянском языке.
Kirkkomusiikkisävellyksiä ja -sovituksia kirkkoslaaviksi.

Church music
in English

Liturgical compositions and chant settings in English.
Церковно-певческие сочинения и переложения на английском языке.
Kirkkomusiikkisävellyksiä ja -sovituksia englanniksi.

Church music
in other languages

Liturgical compositions and chant settings in other languages.
Церковно-певческие сочинения и переложения на других языках.
Kirkkomusiikkisävellyksiä ja -sovituksia muilla kielillä.

Non-liturgical music Non-liturgical (spiritual and secular) musical works in various languages.
Внебогослужебные музыкальные сочинения на разных языках.
Ei-liturgisia sävellyksiä ja sovituksia eri kielillä.


Links to related resources.


Conditions and terms of use.
Условия использования (по-английски и по-фински).



July 2, 2016:
Exapostilaria for 15 festal occasions (versions for mixed and male choirs, Greek Chant, in Slavonic), two versions of the Ukrainian “Patriarsheye” Many Years (for male choir, in Finnish).
May 1, 2016:
Христос воскресе! Christ is risen! Kristus nousi kuolleista! Hristos nouzi kuolielois!
April 25, 2016:
Heirmologion in Church Slavonic and Finnish (see Books and articles).
April 20, 2016:
Paschal Stichera (for mixed choir, Valaam Chant, in Slavonic).
March 7, 2016:
Paschal Stichera (for mixed choir, Valaam Chant, in Finnish).
December 30, 2015:
Revealing to Thee the Pre-eternal Council (by Chesnokov, in Finnish), Paschal Stichera (for male choir, Valaam Chant, in Finnish), Sticheron of Litia on Transfiguration (Valaam Chant, in Finnish, revised and added version for male choir).
June 17, 2015:
Cherubic hymn "Jesuit" (in Slavonic).
May 5, 2015:
Paschal Stichera (for male choir, Valaam Chant, in Slavonic).
April 18, 2015:
Finnish versions of Bakhmetev’s Of Thy Mystical Supper and the cantata by Mirolybov. Both of these were in progress for several years and are now finally completed!
March 14, 2015:
Psalm 33 (34) by A. Shishkin (in Finnish).
February 17, 2015:
A few small typos fixed in Gradual Antiphons (Slavonic versions, tones 1–5, 8), other minor enhancements.
February 14, 2015:
UCS8 keyboard layout for Microsoft Windows operating systems, for easy entry of Slavonic texts with UCS encoded fonts (see Writings and other materials).
December 19, 2014:
Vouchsafe, O Lord (Kiev-Pechersk Lavra Chant, in Finnish, versions for mixed and male choir).
August 8, 2014:
Stichera attributed to Tsar Ivan the Terrible (see Transcriptions).
July 31, 2014: Oktaj i azbuka cerkovnago znamennago penija (by L. Kalashnikov, see Chant books).

Archived News

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